Can ST Support 3 Philips Hue Bridges?

I have a SmartThings IM6001-V3P01 hub. I have 3 Philips Hue bridges (all v2 square) operating around 40 devices each for a total of ~120 lights and accessories.

The SmartThings app (the current iPhone app with 5 circles orbiting a center circle) had no problem learning the first two bridges and discovering all of the lights. So right now the app see’s all of my Arlo cameras, my WeMo plugs, my Samsung fridge and TV’s and ~80 hue devices across the two bridges.

I have been unable to add the third Hue bridge. It’s installed properly in the Hue app; all three bridges are seen and I can move between them. Lights from all three bridges are also addressable through the Apple Home app / Siri.

Obviously multiple bridges are supported since I am able to see two of the bridges. Does anyone know if there is a limit of two? Any reason why my third bridge is not getting picked up?


First, make sure the firmware is up to date on the problem bridge

The Hue Bridge must be updated to firmware version 01016441 or later to work with SmartThings.

Second, superLAN connect can only discover bridges which are on the same network branch. So are all three Bridges connected to the same router, not one connected to a different node or access point?


Thank you for the reply, JDRoberts. That particular firmware version doesn’t make sense to me, or I don’t know where to look for the firmware version I am on. I can tell you that all three bridges are supposedly up-to-date with the latest software, and the Hue iPhone app shows their SW version as: 1810251352.

All three bridges are wired to the same switch and on the same IP subnet ( and I can ping them all. I can successfully switch between the three bridges in the Hue app and control all three sets of lights. Using AppleHomekit integration, the HomeKit app is able to control the lights from all three bridges.

I’ve tried everything to get the third bridge registered to the SmartThings hub. I’ve followed the directions closely for unplugging and plugging back in the Ethernet, then waiting until all three lights are blue on the Hue bridge before pressing the button. I’ve tried the same powering the bridge off and on. The other two bridges paired this way easily and quickly. But I still have no luck getting this third bridge to be recognized. I even tried manually entering in the bridge information as a device, but it doesn’t come online and won’t register as an authorized user to the bridge when the bridge button is pressed.

Do you happen to know for sure that the SmartThings hub will in fact support more than two Hue bridges?


Sorry, I don’t. Have you sent a message to support?

I have 3 Hue bridges connected to my ST hub no problem

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Thanks Tam. Now at least I know it works and I’m not wasting my time trying! Perhaps I’ll factory reset the third hub and see what I get. Last resort, of course - always a bummer adding all these lights back in…

Can you disconnect the 2 working Hue hubs (disconnect power supply)?

Then try the third Hue hub that failed to pair. Look if you can control it by SmartThings. If so, power one of the disconnected Hue hubs and try those 2.

If that’s Oké, add the 3rd Hue hub.

Good luck, Ben

So how do you add and use multiple bridges? Here is my reason for asking.
Just upgraded V1 Bridge to V2 then factory reset V1. I have areas in my house where some of the LED get the “Unavailable” status (ironically not a problem for ST) which create problems for Alexa, Google Home, etc. I would like to revive Bridge V1 and locate it in the problem area.

So How do I go about this?
When I fire up V1 will it not ask if I want to transfer from V2 to V1?
Do I remove these isolated LED from V2 and re-add them to V1?

Thanks in advance

The different hue bridges are compatible with each other. The thing you will need to remember is that you will need to switch bridges in settings n the hue app each time you want to control lights that are on different bridges. You would need the remove any lights from one bridge before you can add it to the other bridge. Possible you might need to search by serial number on bulb when adding.

Assign a static ip # to the bridge before Add a Device in the classic app.

Don’t believe it will offer any prompt to migrate - only from v1 to v2.

Yes, you would need to remove from one bridge before adding to the other. You also need to switch bridges in the hue app because it only shows lights from one bridge at a time.

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Thanks for your quick response. I was aware of the Hue App ‘issue’ and muliple bridges but I only use this app when setting new bulbs. Controlling my LEDs is done either via ST or Home Assistant so this ‘issue’ should not be a problem :slight_smile: