Can ST Hub interfere with my signal to my alexa echo dot 3?

Can my ST hub be interfering with my.wifi signal to my echo dot??
I have my router, 3 echo dots, and my ST hub all on the first floor. And it seems like when I have my ST hub plugged in it blocks my wifi signal to my echo dot. Now keep in mind my ST hub is located between my router and echo dot I am having trouble with. So going from the front of the house to the back I have my router in the front of the house than my smartthings hub in the middle of the house and my echo dot is in the back of the house. I put my router on channel 6 and according to my hub it was on channel 19.
When i have my ST hub unplugged my echo has no problem being connected.
Any help ,insight, or suggestion on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

the thing to remember here is that echo devices work on the 2.4ghz frequency which is the same frequency that Zigbee (ST devices) run at.

The recommended distance from your router for a ST hub is 3 meters, I would also not place it near any other wifi enabled devices.

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So is it the channels that are causing conflict?

Which model ST hub do you have?

I have Version 3

the channel can have an effect but to be safest you are best to put your ST hub at least three meters from your router and not in between that your echos… that will fix the issue for you I would think

Generally if there is interference issues on 2.4ghz, wifi will work and zigbee will have problems.

See the faq for more details:


Do you have AppleTV nearby your hub?

Nope no apple products…

It’s unusual, but not impossible.

Step 1: try another WiFi device in the same location as the Echo Dot (a phone is fine). Does it show the same behavior?

If it does, try adding a WiFi access point in the next room closest to the dot’s location and see if that helps.

  1. if the other WiFi device didn’t have the problem, try a different echo dot there. Maybe it’s just a defective unit, it happens. :disappointed_relieved:

Looks like you have mostly wifi devices. Are any of the other devices having connection issues? How close are these other devices to the dot that you are having trouble with?

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some internet providers standard routers have quite small limits on the number of wifi devices you can connect simultaneously, just another thing to consider


This is the entire 1st for where I have all my devices.

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I have a netgear router with 19 devices total connected

But again I only lose connectivity when I have my ST hub plugged in

is there an IP address clash, does your hub or other devices that are effected have a static IP address ?

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What happens if you swap the dot that works in the top part of the floor plan with the problem dot?