Can someone help me to connect a smart wifi iot 4 load switch name is atom8 to smartthings

I have bought a smart 4 load switch named atom8 can be controlled through its app and alexa and Google home i want to connect it with smartthings can anyone help me with it

Unfortunately, There’s no simple way since it’s a wall switch. But there are some methods where you can get one way control (smartthings can turn the switch on and off via an intermediary, but won’t know if the switch is Manually turned off at the wall.)

See the community FAQ for possibilities. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

No it is not a wall switch its a smart switch has its own app and it can be operate by alexa and Google home but I want to integrate it with smartthings

Can you link to it? Different manufacturers use the term “smart switch“ for many different kinds of devices.

The main point is that if it is a device where people might use it manually, then smartthings will not know if that happened. So many of the methods for partial integration in the FAQ that I linked to will allow you to control the device with smartthings, but will not necessarily have the right status in the app if someone uses the device manually.


This retrofit switch can control and regulate up to four electrical devices. ATOM8 home automation products Quad switch fits into any switchboard. It lets you control and schedule your automated devices using your iOS, Android smartphone or voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant).

Tech Specs

  • Built In 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz Wifi
  • Max. Current Rating : 20A
  • Max. Power Rating (module) : 4kW
  • Physical Switches function like 2 way switches.

And for manual problem I won’t attach any manual switch to it will control it with smartthings

In that case you could use Alexa routines and get SmartThings control that way. However, while this method used to work great with the old smartthings skill, it has been glitchy with the new skill which was introduced a few months ago, and now sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You can certainly try it and see.

This is covered in option 4 in the FAQ that I already linked to.