Can someone help me get the Virtual Garage Door setup work?


Just wired my LFM-20 Momentary Z-Wave Switch to my Genie garage door opener wall button. Now I have full control over my garage door through smartthings and Alexa.

Can anyone help me get this Virtual Garage Door app to work?Ridiculously Simple Virtual Garage Door

Basically, I want to check the status of the open/close sensor before changing the state of the door. (IE, if it’s open and I try to open it, I get “the door is already open”.). As is, it would change the state regardless.


ST multi sensor or other garage door sensors, i believe there are both zwave and zigbee options. The ST multi sensor could be used in two different ways, depending on the way the door is hung.

Try this thread: Garage door sensor - what's everyone here using?

Hey, I got the Ridiculously Simple Virtual Garage Door to work perfectly. :wink:

Got it working.