Can not authorize Harmony Smart Control Hub to access ST


My Harmony Hub is setup & working as is my Smartthings Hub.

However when I try to integrate the two via the Harmony app (add new device) I can not authorize Harmony Smart Control Hub, see attached. Hub software is 4.6.71.

The Authorise button is not clickable and there is nothing to choose in the drop down labelled “Select one”. Any suggestions on what the issue could be?



Are you one of the new UK / European users on the new UK servers?

If so, you won’t be able to set this up yet (nor IFTTT or LIFX). There is a bug with OAuth authentication which all of these integrations rely upon.

This thread is tracking this problem and will probably be updated very quickly once it is fixed:

I just setup a new Harmony hub a few hours ago with no problems. If what @chuckles said does not fit your situation I would contact support.

Thanks Guys.

I’m in the UK & it does seem to be the same problem as chuckles pointed out.

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I seem to get a 500: Internal Server Error when trying to use the different URL (

Is there any word on when this will be resolved properly for UK customers?

The authorisation issue is being tracked in the IFTTT topic: