Can I wire a bypass switch for my fireplace relay when the power goes out?

I recently added a Zooz Zen16 z-wave relay to my millivolt fireplace with wall switch using this wiring setup:

Everything works fine, except when the power goes out, which happened recently and was a major pain. I’d like to wire in a switch that would allow me to toggle between using the Zooz relay + wall switch or using just the wall switch, but I don’t know what type of switch to use or how to wire it.

Can anyone recommend a switch to use for this purpose, and how to wire it?


Not quite sure what your asking?
But if you want a manual override switch just wire it in parallel to the Zooz switch.

If I wire it in parallel, will SmartThings still report correct status if I use the wall switch?

No, thats why I referred to it as an override. Buy if the power is out smartthings won’t be seeing much anyway lol.
Once the power has returned operate the override back to its off position and your back automating again.

Does this look right?

If the bypass switch is ON then it follows the black wire path, and if it’s OFF it follows the purple wire path.

I don’t think so. I think you want the wall switch to go direct to SW1 input and the backup switch direct to the millivolt connections

I’d like the wall switch to work if power is on or if power is off. Maybe I’m overcomplicating this. Can I just run the wall switch to both the relay and the millivolt, no need for a second switch? Would everything work as expected both with power on and with power off? I guess my concern is, that somehow SmartThings would get out of sync with the millivolt being on or off. Thanks.

no, that won’t work. How often if your power out? I would just tuck the second switch out of sight where the ZEN16 is.

Not sure about yours, but my fireplace came with a “bypass” switch inside the hinged cover at the bottom. This small rocker switch can be used to turn the fireplace on and off. Let me know if you need it and I can post a picture.

Neither are correct.
Just use a separate switch (which as stated can be hidden away until needed) that simply connect THTP & TH when operated.

You’re right, I’m making this too complicated. The power rarely goes out here, I just wanted something easier than having to rewire everything which is what i had to do recently to get it to work. My millivolt has a small rocker switch on it, but the box is hard to get to when the fire is on so I don’t want to use that.

I’ll wire a separate switch and hide it under the fireplace. That will suffice for the rare occasion when the power goes out and it’s cold enough to need the fireplace.

Thanks all for your help.

Glad we got you a working result.