Can I use V1 hub to extend v2?

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No. It isn’t possible for the foreseeable future.

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Got it, guys, thanks. So, then what is best way for me to get more reliable coverage throughout a larger home? Extenders? Another V2 hub (if that is even possble?).


More devices that act as repeaters, switches, plugs , bulbs, pretty much anything that has constant power.

As @RLDreams said, adding repeaters which would be any outlet-powered device is one way (doesn’t have to be an actual repeater… smart outlets and sirens will work here). Rebuilding your mesh networks a couple times will also help as it will allow your devices to find the quickest way to get data back to the hub.

The following topic may help. It explains what devices repeat for what other devices. This is a clickable link.

And by “rebuilding my mesh” is the only way to do that to exclude and then reinstall devices back onto the network? I have a lot of devices and that idea is not appealing. any other way to do it?

No, rebuilding the mesh does not require taking any of the devices off the network. Quite the contrary.

It’s basically a one button push request that the hub run a utility which will start rebuilding all of the address tables by talking to each of the devices that are connected to the network. Well, one button push after you navigate to five layers of menus. Once you find it, It’s easy. Takes about 15 minutes to run, although you may not see improvements until the next day after all the changes of propagated. A lot of people run a repair once a week just for regular maintenance. Your devices will be unavailable for about 15 minutes but after that everything will run as usual.

The following will explain more. This is a clickable link:

And here are the official support instructions on how to get to that one button that you push to start the Z wave repair: