Can I use my built-in hub with smart things? How?

Soooo many newbie questions about to come your way…

I am in a new build house. It came with a Safehaven built-in hub/control panel by the front door. For 2 years, I had free use of the app. I never had/never wanted a “security system” or cameras, etc…I ONLY liked that I could lock/unlock doors, open/close garage doors, turn on interior/exterior lights, change HVAC x 2, etc. All of that worked great and well and I got text alerts on the phone whenever any of that happened in real time. Loved it.

Of course, safehaven/ called me and said “your free time is up (huh? No one mentioned an end date when I bought the place.) and to continue, it’s $60/month + $100 install for cameras etc.”

I said “I just want the app. No security. No cameras. Nothing but the app.”

“Sure. That’s $100 fee + $60 a month.”

So, I’m done with them. I have deleted all of my “things” from the door-adjacent panel, my app and svc has been disconnected (abruptly, by safehaven) and I’d like to try the Smart things app to see what will work and see if I like it.

So HOW do I use my built-in hub with this app? I was told by Samsung that I would not need to buy a new Smart things hub, but…I see no way to connect the app to the hub I currently have.

If we get too far deep into technical talk I may be out. I liked the simplicity of the app and it came pre-installed into the house, so I understood it at a simple level.

Thanks all for your help. I’ve searched the www and here for answers to this before posting this but found nothing.

It looks like the panel by the front door is a Qolsys IQ panel, if that helps.

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