Can I share only one device access to other people?

We live in a condo building. Our HOA is thinking to get a z wave smart lock for the front door which we share with neighbors. Can we just share this lock access with neighbors?


It doesn’t seem like a great idea. How many other units are in your building?

Z-wave locks need a hub to communicate with. Who owns (and maintains) the hub? Where will it be located? Whose internet router does the hub connect to? Can other z-wave devices be added to this hub? Which kind? Who decides? Will owners of each condo have any restrictions on adding users and passcodes to the lock?

Probably about 1000 other questions that one could think of, and ideally they’d all be answered before installing this to avoid inevitable arguments over a shared resource like that.

If your HOA were to install a Bluetooth lock, that would negate some of the issues since they are stand-alone devices that don’t require a hub. Still a lot of potential problems related to multiple people in different households all trying to use the lock and not step on one another’s toes.

I think the real question is, why has this been proposed for an entrance door to a multi-unit dwelling in the first place?

Yes… Via ActionTiles which let’s you connect any number of ActionTiles Accounts to a “securely shared Panels” (and that Panel could be a PIN Protect Lock Tile).

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