Can I mix a smart switch with standard switches in a 4-way setup?

First, I would like to say thank you for the assistance. I have referred to this forum many times for assistance, and have always found the answers to my questions by reading through the threads.

I have been using two Schlage door locks and two Honeywell z-wave thermostats for about a year now, and would like to start expanding my ST network. The next think I would like to di is my hall lights. I have a hall light setup that has two light fixtures and three switches. Can I replace only one of the switches with a smart switch, and leave the other switches as standard light switches, or do I have to replace all three switches?

You’ll need to replace all three switches, and the auxiliaries will need to be models specifically designed to work with that particular master. The wiring works differently for network switches as the master needs to always stay on power in order to be able to hear the next “on” command from the network.

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You definitely cannot do so with the GE/Jasco Z-wave switches. I don’t have other brands, so I can’t say about others. I suspect if they have an “Add-On” switch (like the GE), then you can’t mix them.

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Ok, thank you for the information. I just wanted to be certain before I started the project.

I did go ahead and pick up the GE switch, and two of the add-on switches today. While I was there, I also picked up a Lifx bulb (that was on clearance) to try in one of my lamps, and so far, I am pleased with the functions available. I cannot wait to get more of my home integrates into my ST network.

Thanks again for the helpful information.