Can I integrate NuTone NGD00Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Garage Door Controller

Looking for the experts on whether it will be difficult to add the NuTone NGD00Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Garage Door Controller, a relatively new device, to my SmartThings hub/app. Will the app automatically recognize it?


The first place to start with any certified Zwave device is the conformance statement which is posted on the zwave alliance website.

In this case, the device identifies itself as a “secure door.” That’s a pretty new device class, and it does use the barrier command set which I’m not sure smartthing fully supports.

I’m not sure whether the security aspect is going to be a problem or not.

From the Nutone conformance description, this is the feature that may require special handling:

Only Smart Garage Door Controller with secure barrier command class encryption eliminating unauthorized access to your home

You will find the conformance statement in the Motor Control section:

And this from the Nutone site:

Wirelessly control and monitor your garage door from anywhere with the safest, most secure Z-Wave Garage Door Controller – Patent Pending. NuTone Smart Home Series Garage Door Controllers guaranteed to work with any certified Z-Wave gateway that is Secure Barrier Command Class Compatible. - See more at:

I’m thinking now that the first step is to check with SmartThings and see if they have added support for this command class. @Duncan or @Tyler would probably know.

But it may work with @garyd9 's device handler for the similar Linear product. My only question is whether there’s an additional encryption layer.

I’ve had no problem actually adding the device. None of the commands work though. It’s supposed to flash and beep when it receives a command. That never happens. I don’t think it’s compatible.

I also used @garyd9’s device mod so that I could enable “Remotely open/close” smart app for the device, but it did not help. I didn’t think it would, but it was worth a shot. I suspect that @JDRoberts is correct and this version of the smarthub doesn’t support the “secure barrier command class”. Bummer.

OK, so I played around a little more and got things working. The SmartThings Hub is indeed a “security-enabled z-wave device”. This opener seems to rely on the additional orientation module that you attach to the door that signals whether the door is open or closed. Without that, the product simply doesn’t respond to commands. After attaching that, I was able to get everything working.

Of course @garyd9’s work on this matter was essential for the Smart App functionality. But you can still control the device directly without his profile mod.

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Nice find… The NuTone version of the Linear controller is cheaper on Amazon by about $14… every little bit helps. I’ve even seen the ADT branded ones on Ebay for less than the NuTone, but those, I am not so sure they are compatible. I think there might be some ADT specific firmware instructions.