Can I have more than one SmartThings Hub? newbie

(Bruce Nelson) #1

It appears that my SmartThings hub does not cover the entire area that I want to monitor/control. Can I add another hub and have coordinated activities between the two? An example would be: A motion sensor connected to one hub would turn on a light connected to the other hub.

(Brian Steere) #2

Can you add a powered device instead? Many devices that are actually plugged into the wall serve as network repeaters (motion sensors when plugged in, power outlets, etc).

I’m not sure if multiple hubs would work. I would assume so…

(Ben Edwards) #3

While multiple hubs can be deployed in this manner it is far easier to simply extend your network(s) with plugged in devices as @Dianoga mentions. SmartSense Motion sensors an most outlets and in-wall switches will extend the range of your Z-Wave or ZigBee networks.

(Chuck) #4

@Ben how would one look at how the Zwave network is meshed to make sure it is optimized? I am having a similar debate but I have powered devices that do not want to operate consistently.

(Ben Edwards) #5

One thing you can (and should) do each time you make additions or subtractions to your Z-Wave network is to kick of a Z-Wave Network Repair from the API Site (Location > Hub > View Utilities). That will make sure that the network is optimized for your location and the distances between each Z-Wave device.