Can I create custom Alexa commands for my harmony hub?

I have no idea if i’m posting in the right section. Sorry, if not.

All my new stuff came today, and got it all hooked up :smile: Echo 2, Harmony Hub & ST hub. I hooked up the harmony with the Echo, and it works great. I can turn on and off all of my devices and control volume and everything, change channels, etc. What i’m wondering is, is it possible to add in some additional commands that are missing from the Harmony skill? IE. I can pause and play. but if i do that, i’d like to be able to go back live. Also, i’d love to be able to pull up the guide of my cable box.

Thanks for the help!

Not that I know of. I use KuKu Harmony hosted on a Pi3. With that, you can have access to all of your devices and use webCoRE and Virtual Switches to trigger them.

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In all cases, if you can put it into an activity, you can execute that. So if your cable guide can be displayed with an activity, that will handle that one.

As far as “pause,” in most Harmony activities that’s a toggle, so if you say “pause” the first time it pauses and if you say “pause” the second time it returns to playing. Same with “mute.”

But there’s no way to map it to individual buttons not included in the official integration other than the method described in the kukuharmony thread.