Can I control my motorized Levelor window shades?

I have some motorized Levelor windows shades, which are controlled by an RF remote. I’m wondering if there is a product that exists, that works with ST and can “clone” the commands from the Levelor remote. Essentially, I want to make my motorized blinds smart, and that is the only way I can think of doing it…

Thanks for the help!

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Maybe, it depends on exactly what kind of remote it is. What’s the model number of the shades?

They are just the Levelor Solar Shades -

Here is the manual to the remote that they use -

Any luck tracking anything down? I came across a few things that look like they could work, but I have no idea if they actually would.

Sorry, I’m having some vision issues and I can’t really do new research right now. Hopefully someone else will know something.

What have you found so far ?