Can I change the product capability's attributes?

There is a certain attribute in the tvocMeasurement capability that I want to change, which is its unit. Currently, the unit is default to display as ppm in the device, however, I want it to display as ppb. I wonder if that’s possible?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi! You cannot change this value directly, but there’s already a request to add this unit to the stock capability by the engineering team.
We’ll check the progress of this request.

Thank you very much. If possible, please notify me when that request is proceeded.

Hi, @sleepdeprived

I talked to the team about this request some time ago and their answer was the following. Our platform doesn’t handle multiple units particularly well. Some features don’t store units, just values, so unexpected results can happen. This capability does accept decimal values. Setting the value to something like 0.345 ppm instead of 345 ppb, would fit your needs?