Can device code have paragraph in preferences like smart apps?

In the docs for Smart Apps you can add a paragraph to preference to explain stuff.

But Device docs are very limited. :checkered_flag: @jim

I tried this but it didn’t work. I don’t know if sections works either…
preferences {
paragraph "This us how you can make a paragraph element"
input “sampleInput”, “number”, title: “Sample Input Title”,
description: “This is the sample input.”, defaultValue: 20,
required: false, displayDuringSetup: true

UPDATE: SORRY…found solution in sample mentioned on the page…keeping post so jim can perhaps improve the example on the page to include this line.

 input description: "Mesasge Goes here...", displayDuringSetup: false, type: "paragraph", element: "paragraph"

Yeah, unfortunately the preferences for device handlers are not the same as preferences for SmartApps. Thanks for pointing out the example.

If input and this description are the only two types it seems to me that adding this example would make the document complete and you can remove the comment that it isn’t complete :smile:

BTW: I am liking the improvements you have been making to the docs so I hope you don’t mind me continuing to flag you when I see opportunities for further improvements.