Can anybody help me, i am trying to control somfy motor 4 channel remote with broadlink rm pro but it not working. Or any other way to run somfy curtain motor from broadlink app

Can your use RTS?

i am using somfy rts. but when i trying to learn its button with broadlink rm pro it learn but it not function., there is any way to run somfy with broadlink app

Hello Amar_Yadav

where you able to control the Somfy with broadlink?

Im having the same problema

In advance thanks for your help

In case anyone want to try, it’s almost impossible, or very difficult, because Somfy is using rolling code, meaning the code change slightly with every press and the motor expect another code after each action.

Somfy communicates on different RF frequencies and are not compatible with RM Pro

In order to control this you will need an RFXtrx433E paired though Domoticz, bridged to SmartThings - as others have said Somfy have decided to use an encrypted 433mhz command set to control their motors, this means you cannot learn the rolling code. (I found this out too by ordering an RM Pro and finding it wouldn’t learn from my Telus remote)

I just bought Broadlink RM Pro+ and discovered it won’t work with my Somfy remote. Is it the end of the story or has there been work done to fix this?

Still needing a reply on this!!!

Another question is why SmartThings advertises Somfy compatibility, but doesn’t offer it with the popular Somfy MyLink. It’s been available for a couple years now. What’s the holdup?