Can a Things tile open the device's tiles when tapped?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while. I’ve got a camera device type; tapping the device in Things takes a photo. In order to view the photos, I have to tap the tiny little gear icon in the top right. Half the time, I fat-finger it and wind up going back to the main dashboard.

Is there any way to make the main action of a device type open the device? Maybe even perform an action at the same time?


But I hope I’m wrong.

Directly, no.

Indirectly, a virtual switch when tapped could cause a lot of different things to happen, but not inside the ST mobile app itself.

You can do more stuff with cameras if you use the free SmartTiles dashboard instead of the ST APP:

If you have an Android phone with Tasker, SharpTools (an app you can buy in the Google store) also gives you some more options.