Can a routine control more than 1 device?

I’d like to turn off one dimmer switch and set a second dimmer switch to 10% by running a single routine. I’ve cobbled together a way using modes, routines and Smart Lighting app. Any simpler way? Anyway a single routine can control 2 devices?

You should not use a Routin to do this.
I recommend to use a CoRe rule engine to create custome rules or PISTONS as they are called.
Something like this:

If Time is = to 12am or Mode = to Night
Turn off Switch 1
Turn on Switch 2 and set it to 10%

A single routine can control multiple different devices, but what it can’t do is set two dimmers to two different levels. :disappointed_relieved:

So you either need two routines with the same trigger, or two smart lighting automations with the same trigger, or one of each with the same trigger, or use core. But core is pretty complicated to set up and you don’t need it for this if you’re willing to have multiple automations. You shouldn’t need to use modes. Just use the same trigger event for each.

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