Cameras that work with SHM?

Best I can tell the following work with SHM. Meaning I get a notification in SHM, I can view a clip X amount of time long.

  1. Blink! With Roys addon.
  2. Arlo! By default
  3. Smartcam Pro! By Default
  4. Foscam! With Roys addon.
  5. Dlink! by Default

Can anyone confirm these?

It’s definitely not all D-Link cameras, just a few specific models, and those are still considered Beta And currently don’t work at all. :disappointed_relieved:

@rboy 's app won’t let you view video within the official smart home monitor features. It just works in its own tile. So it works, but not the same way.

From RBoy’s FAQ

Can I use the camera in Smart Home Monitor (SHM)
No, ST does not support third party cameras in SHM. You can however use it as a motion sensor in SHM.

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So no “Clip-based recording is viewable through Smart Home Monitor.”, except for Smartcam, Arlo, and Dlink?

Correct, except that it’s also only specific Samsung models and specific DLink models, not all of them. ( and the D-Link models currently don’t work at all.) And there are other weird differences, like I don’t think the Samsung camera motion sensor is usable as a motion sensor to smart things. There’s something missing from the Arlo implementation too, I just don’t remember it right this minute.

So you have to read each one very carefully to see what is there and what isn’t.

Yea, I have a Smartcam for testing… I’m looking to make my big purchase in March and really trying to decide what’s the best direction to go for the money.

DLink used to work great until they released a firmware for the cams. None work now by default.

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No DLink!!!

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Yes, I can vouch that the D-links no longer work. An email to ST support confirmed that the link was broke by the D-link firmware update with no idea when it may be fixed.