Camera that can work with ST and IFTTT

Are there any cameras that work with SmartThings and IFTTT? Could then use IFTTT to be able to use the camera as a motion sensor for ST.

Yes Nest Cam can do that I have 3 set up and they can trigger on motion or sound or both also the way IFTTT have been changing their system the delay is now in seconds rather than minutes as it used to be this makes it a much more practical system to complement Smartthings

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Hello Silvepawn,

I’m interested to know more about this setup, I’m new to ST. I have 2 Nest cam as well and would like to have a similiar setup.

Would you mind explaining how to setup the Nest cam as a motion sensor and trigger events when it happens ?

Thanks for your time.

IFTTT is a free web service that many major companies use to allow their customers to have events from their devices/services trigger events on other companies devices/services. IFTTT stands for “If This, than that.” So, for example, if you are mentioned in a Facebook post, turn your Hue bulb blue. Participating companies have a “channel” on IFTTT which lists the things that can be “if’s” and the things which can be “that’s.”

The following is a good introductory article:

SmartThings has an IFTTT channel with a long list of both if’s and that’s, so it’s easy to indirectly integrated with many devices/services which it doesn’t have official integrations for. Including some cameras.

There are two main downsides to IFTTT. One, then maybe some lag. As much as 15 minutes between the if and the that. That still works for some use cases, but not all.

The other is that the available logic is very simple. There are no “ands,” “or’s,” or “while’s.” Just a simple If This, then that.

Here’s the nest cam channel. You can see that it only has “if’s.” So there’s no way using IFTTT to start a nestcam recording. But you can use the nestcam’s motion sensor to trigger an event in a different channel, like SmartThings.

In contrast, the Arlo camera has an IFTTT channel with both If’s and that’s. So you could use something else from another channel to start the camera recording. The question, of course, is how bad is the lag?

Different people get very different lag patterns with IFTTT, so you pretty much just have to try it and see how it goes at your house. At my house it’s a pretty consistent eight seconds, which works well for many things. But I have known people who had and IFTTT lag that was regularly six or seven minutes.

I use IFTTT a lot, but I’m sure I would use it less if the lag was worse at my house.


There are several other cameras with IFTTT channels. You just have to look at each one to see what options it offers.

Homeboy has a number of interesting options, including an if to tell you if the camera has lost connection.

DLink has a very basic IFTTT channel for a few of its camera models, but it does allow you to choose either start the video or take a still picture

RemoteLync has a low battery alert as one of their camera if’s.

So probably the easiest thing is just to go to IFTTT and check the security/monitoring category under channels and then check the individual features of any camera you might be interested in. There’s just a lot of variation.

(BTW, Cameras are not listed under “photos and videos.” That’s for services. They’re listed under “security and monitoring.”)


Oh, and if the OP’s original question was which cameras have official SmartThings integration and also have an IFTTT channel, I believe the only one right now is arlo. Skybell has a new official integration, but I don’t think it allows for turning on the camera directly from SmartThings.

There are several other cameras with IFTTT channels, but they don’t have official SmartThings integration.

And again, the amount of indirect integration you can get through an IFTTT channel just depends on what specific if’s and that’s that particular manufacture is offering. If their channel doesn’t have a way to turn on the camera, then the IFTTT channel may be less useful to you.

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Thanks JDRoberts for once again sharing with me so much useful information. I really appreciate your help.

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Hi @rajank11

I think @JDRoberts beat me to it on both speed and depth…but I’m sure thats a good thing.

However nobody said anything about official…Just “Works with” just saying. :neutral_face:

The way I did it was to set-up IFTTT nestcam triggers for motion and then had that switch on a momentary virtual switch in smartthings indicating motion as an IFTTT action. that can then be used as a trigger for other apps in ST.
FAQ: Creating a virtual device

You can also integrate the camera directly with ST via Nest Manager
Nest manager 3.1
Depending on how you want to view your nest cameras it’s not “official” but it does work very well


Thanks Silverpawn for the tips. I will try it out.

But on the Nest Manager 3.1 Release notes its mentioned that we cannot use the Nestcam as a motion sensor.

New: Nest Cam
What’s not:
1. Image Capture
2. Using as Motion or Sound sensor

This is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for as there is a good ST Smart App for D-Link. Unfortunately only a few of the newest D-Link cameras have the IFTTT support. Hopefully they can add IFTTT support to some of the others via firmware updates. I’d really like a 1080p one

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Is there a special promo code I need to use?

If you are planning to buy one and will spend minimum $99 PM me and I will send you a referral and you will get a $25 OFF your order via a code.

Excellent…I’m very interested and will more than likely pull the trigger on this shortly. Reading your note above I see Blink has “approved” this…how exactly does the iteration go with ST? I couldn’t find an already existing device type…

The Blink does not have an officecial ST integration. However, they had posted that their integrator to ST is @RBoy. He has already created a fully functioning Blink to ST integration which has its own support thread on ST forums.

Please PM me with your e-mail so that I can send you a referral for $25 Off coupon on your purchase of minimum $99. It would allow me to also get a discount on additional cameras for my house.

In the meantime, go to this thread for Blink ST integration:

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Don’t buy a Nokia home cam. It’s advertised as IFTTT compatible but it is not and support as no solution.

The app is slow, 5min to charge live video in 4G. Very limited controls.
Well It was a waste of money