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Calling Routines with Echo Dot Alexa

(Ahmed) #1

I have my ST linked to my Alexa app. The ST app has discovered the routines and I can run the routines by Saying: Alexa, turn on “Good Night” If I normally say good night to alexa it responds with default alexa response saying good night. Is there a way to avoid saying Turn On + Routine Name? Can I just say Alexa, Good Night and then have alexa respond with what it usually does plus runs the routine too?


(Jimmy) #2



(Micheal ) #3

You can get close to this user experience with Ask Alexa, a custom app that does a lot better integration than the native way.


(Barry) #4

I have taken the Ask Alexa route, and “Alexa, tell SmartThings Goodnight!” is usually the last thing I verbalize each evening (other than “Goodnight, sweetheart”, which is not directed at Alexa :slight_smile: ).

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