Calling a device (or switch) by multiple names, is it possible?

Is there a way (or some sort of SmartApp) that will allow me to call my bathroom vent fan by several different names? I use Alexa with my Smartthings setup and would like my houseguest to have a more streamlined experience. For example, I live in a small house with only one bathroom (which has a bathroom vent fan in the ceiling). However, different people call bathroom vent fans by different names. Some call it a “bathroom vent” some call it a “bathroom fan” some call it a “bathroom vent fan” and still others call it a “bathroom exhaust”. I’d like to be able so set things up so ALL of those names can be used interchangeably when referring to that thing in my bathroom ceiling. Is that possible? [I tried setting up routines but since you “run” a routine and my issue is more of the “on” / “off” nature, the naming became a bit to convoluted. Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? Thanks everyone!


In the Alexa App, there is a category called Groups. In the groups, you can name it and then assign it to a switch. Repeat this and use as many names as you like. Hell, you can even do phrases with Routines!

I use it all the time because sometimes, Alexa don’t understand me. So I go to the Alexa app and look at the Recent Events and see that I said turn on Iron and she thought I said turn on Aaron so I then make a group that says Aaron and assign Iron and then all is well.

Also, you can have multiple device assigned to just one name.

For Example:

Here’s an example of a routine using a phrase to trigger a single switch:


We use groups just as @rontalley describes at our house. We have one small room that one of us calls “the office,“ one of us calls “the den” and one of us calls “the study.“ We all understand which room the other people are referring to, we just needed Alexa too as well. :sunglasses:

So we have three different groups in the Alexa app and have assigned the same set of devices to each.


Alexa needs to be able to start distinguishing between voices. It already does, but only for amazon purchasing… it’s time for them to roll that out across the Echo-sphere. That will allow us to personalize the thing.

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You guys are awesome! I’ll try this. Thanks for all the kind support!

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