Call Piston from a Routine or Virtual Switch

I am using Alexa to do voice commands through my house. I have rooms with Hue bulbs (for color) and z wave switches for normal light control and dimming. I have been playing with WebCoRE to set up specific scenes so that I can more precisely control all hue and z wave devices.

How do I associate a Piston to a Routine and to a Virtual Switch. This will enable me to use Alexa to call that routine or virtual switch to trigger my piston.

Thanks in advance and my apologies if this is a dumb question. I’m new to this and its just not clear how to do the association.

Maybe I am missing something here or just don’t fully understand how these pistons work. I want the piston to fire when I make the voice command to Alexa. Alexa enables me to use routines or devices with voice commands. How do i associate the piston with the routine or virtual switch to get it to fire. Thanks for you help.

Hey there,

So that makes a lot of sense. What I’m missing is what the piston is subscribed to. What programing has to take place so that when you execute a routine (Automation - Routines), the piston fires?

Thank you for your patience.