Burglary Prevented! Thank YOU Smartthings!

Glad that you were saved. It’s an inspiration to all to have security systems in their home.

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My apologies for being a little off-topic, but I’m intrigued by the descriptions of some of the automations/routines you guys are describing related to security. I’m very new to ST and am curious about how you implement them. Are you using the Automation settings in the ST mobile app itself are using something more capable such as CoRE which I’ve seen mentioned in other threads?

It varies from person to person.

I use a combination of SHM, CoRE and things like Aeon Doorbells and Sirens as well as backup internet.

I don’t rely upon ST only though, currently.

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I use the Automation settings within the ST mobile app only for arming/disarming and a few lights. So far I’ve stuck with the four default automations, tweaked to my liking:

  • Good Morning Routine : Changes Mode to Home, sets SHM (smart home monitor) to Disarmed, runs ‘when things start happening’ between 4am-2pm based on 2 motion sensors. Only allowed to run once per day. Does not run if mode is set to away.
  • Goodbye Routine : Changes Mode to Away, sets SHM to armed away, runs when ‘Everyone leaves’, turns off all the lights.
  • I’m Back Routine : Changes Mode to Home, sets SHM to Disarmed, runs when ‘Some Arrives’, turns on porch light and garage light (so we can see to unlock doors)
  • Good Night Routine : Changes mode to Night, sets SHM to armed home, runs when ‘things quiet down’ between 10pm and 4am based on 2 motions sensors. Does not run if mode is set to away. Turns off all the lights.

That is how I manage alarm arming and disarming. Everything else I have done uses the ‘Smart Lighting’ app from the SmartApps tab in the ST mobile app. It contains most of the features you would want or need regarding turning lights on and off automatically.

To make it more usable, I have added a couple of simulated switches to track states that happen elsewhere. For example, when the alarm goes off it sets my simulated ‘AlarmSwitch’ which causes the smart lighting app to turn my outdoor lights red (I did this because SHM wouldn’t allow me to set the color the way I wanted).

I will definitely be digging into CoRE and IFTTT, but I’m relatively new to this myself and so far the built in applications are working really well.


Thanks for sharing. I’m leaning in the direction of trying to do everything in CoRE mostly because I just like the idea of having all of the automations in one place and CoRE looks like it provides the most control capabilities. I started out doing everything in the standard automation settings but I think I have it all migrated to CoRE pistons now. It’ll be tested over the next couple days.


So your solution is homeowner has a gun, which also mean perp has a gun? I’d like to see a guy with a knife vs me with a baseball bat and right pissed off.

Back on topic, glad to hear it worked out for you, actually going to implement some of the SHM routines here once I get my motion detector.

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Oh my God! Thanks to smartthings. If I were in your place, the situation would have been different. Being scared, I would have run out or screamed aloud!

I love that your Door know when vibration is made. What do you use for this? I currently have the mono price recessed open sensors but would love to know when someone knocks and bangs on the door.

I love that your Door know when vibration is made. What do you use for this? I currently have the mono price recessed open sensors but would love to know when someone knocks and bangs on the door.

I’m only using the standard Smartthings Multi-Sensor. There’s an option in you SHM section that allows you to add rules, I simply have it set that if there’s any vibration through any of my three door sensors to notify me, and turn all the downstairs lights on, and then, a second rule that if the door senses an intrusion, then ALL the lights in the whole house turn on.

It’s the second rule that made me wake up, BEFORE the door cracked, so that when I heard the cracking sound I was immediately aware I was being broken into, and that I need to run my skinny nerdy ass downstairs naked and kick some intruder butt…

Having said the above, I have slightly changed my setup since the attempted break-in through, and have added two Netatmo Presence sensors to my house, which alert me with video when anyone is at my front or rear door, so I’ve removed the vibration sensor alert, and just left the intrusion alert in place, otherwise I get 2,000 alerts every time the postman delivers a letter.

Glad that you are saved. I am also looking forward to installing smart things in my home.

wow, you are quite out of touch with reality to think no burglar in the UK has a gun.
I guess the burglars stick to the law… oh wait… naah.

which cameras are you using , Thanks

Just realized that I am a mess. I have 8 Blinks. 3 outdoor XT (back, side and garage) and 5 indoor standard. 2 x Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD (1 in attic and 1 in crawl space). 1 Ring Pro for front door.

Outside of ST intergration, I have a Night Owl 4 Channel CCTV which is always on and recording (perimeter of house). I could use Blue Iris as a bridge into ST but truthfully, I rarely look at these nor the Amcrest. These are just like insurance. Good to have but hope that you never have to use it.

Well, I WAS robbed this week so I would like everyone’s opinion on adding an audible alarm as to product selection.

That sucks, Andrea. Been there. Getting burgled was the reason I got into HA and ST in the first place a few years back. I’ve had the Aeotec Siren running in my system with zero problems. It’s loud, has strobes and it’s really quick to respond, never falls off the system.

@cldlhd @Marty clearly stated he ran outside with his pistol ready :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

“squeals of a half naked man throwing open the front door and flying out into the dead of night to confront them”

how do you configure to trigger turn lights on if intrusion occurs? I don’t see a way to do that in smart home monitor or in automation routines.

never mind, I see Alert with Lights in SHM. But don’t see a way to do it for Away mode only.

It’s there in the smartthings app. I can’t explain it off the top of my head but if there is an intrusion then all my lights come on full brightness and then my smart outlet in the hallway, hidden behind the dvr “bookshelf” clicks on and an ear piercing 119 decibel Honeywell 748 siren goes off.

I am pretty sure you go to dashboard and click on the away, home, disarmed area and set up your triggers and sensors and what happens in each of those modes.