Built in ceiling speakers and wiiring

I really hope someone can help me with this. There are 2 built in speakers in my living room from previous owner. There is also a set of cables coming out wall which I guess are the wiring for the speakers. However, I don’t know how to use them. I would like to have them added to something like chromecast audio. Any ideas of how I can do that?

There’s 2 of those

Your going to need some sort of amp/receiver. If you get just a stereo receiver you can plug your chromcast into that receiver and the speaker wire would go into the receiver.

That wire that you have is a 4 conductor wire somewhere in the wall the two pairs of wires split and one pair goes to each speaker. I believe the green and white are typically one pair and red and black are a pair. You will most likely need to take a peak at the back of the speaker to see which pair goes where and which wire was set as the positive and which is the negative.

That speaker grill should pop off and then expose some screws that you could unscrew and remove the speaker.

If you google an in wall speaker and get the install manual it should fill in the gaps.

Otherwise you could just plug the wires in and see what happens. However you could damage the speakers.

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While you are at it I would also check the polarity at the speakers themselves & note which color wire corresponds to (+) and (-) speaker terminals and make sure to match them up against the +/- speaker output terminals on the amplifier you hook up. Speakers wired out of phase will sound thin/lack bass response.

Use a double aa battery, test two leads until one speaker moves. Don’t hold it there long. When it moves out, positive is positive (I think,) identification complete, then buy a small cheap amp off parts Express and plug a dot or Chromecast into it.

I have two marine speakers mounted in my bathroom ceiling. I use the same amp as Michael has linked above with a Chromecast audio. I have the amp and the Chromecast plug into a Smartthings outlet so i can come trip the power on and off as required.

Really all you need to do is figure out + and - on the speaker cables and then you’re good to go.