Building Door - intercom solution - Nello one API

I am using an intercom solution called “nello one” to open the building door for delivery services, when I am not home. I don’t know if people know it, hence a short explanation: It’s a small device connected to the intercom and wifi. With an app you can then buzz someone in or create time windows. When someone rings the doorbell in such a time window, the door buzzes immediatly and lets the person in.

Now the company did not think all the featurs through. For example the time windows cannot be turned on/off or set to different times for different dates like in a normal timer app on the phone. You have to create a new time window every time, which is cumbersome. Thus I would like to integrate the device into smartthings. So that it get’s an away status and will be activated, when I am not home.

There is an open API:
But to be honest, I have no idea where to start to integrate this into smartthings. Could someone lead me the way or even could help me with that?

Thanks a lot! Regards

I think your only option is to hope someone did some work on IFTTT.

Well that would work for me too, of course.
So basicly having a virtual swith or something, the entire API thing via IFTTT (?) and letting the swith being controled by the away mode.