BRK Smoke detectors and Ecolink door sensor

I just recently purchased and installed a BRK relay kit and Ecolink door sensor. The BRK relay kit is connected to my smoke detectors and using the outputs to make my door sensor show closed in Normal state, and opened when the smoke detectors are going off. Everything is working fine but I’m wanting to change the name of the sensor state and preferably change the icon in Smartthings. I have no clue where to start or even if it’s possible.

Anyone have suggestions on changing the icon and state names?
Looking to change ‘Closed’ to ‘Okay’ and change ‘Open’ to ‘Detected’ (or something along those lines)
And the icon’s aren’t necessary, but would be nice to represent a smoke detector.

You’ll need to switch the Ecolink to use this device handler, or a similar one.

If you’re new to custom device handlers, here’s an explanation:


Thanks for the info! I’ll read through it and see what I can come up with.

Got the new DH added and working. Thanks again for the help!


With your relay setup, is it possible to force trigger the detectors to go off, as they would in response to the interconnect feature? In effect, is it possible to use the ST connected relay to start the detectors on demand and use them as if they were sirens? (Irrespective of code and ordinances)