Brilliant controls not connecting to smartthings

Does anyone else have the brilliant controls? I cannot get them to connect to smartthings, no matter what I do. I was on with brilliant customer service for over 1 hour and they cannot figure it out either. Then I tried the ring integration, it shows that I have 2 spot lights but when I pull them up on the brilliant, the brilliant says that i dont have video enabled on the ring. But i do. Did I waste $600? I bought 2 of them and its past 30 days . Help !!!

Although it is long and starts a long time ago, this existing Topic below is the best place to start.

(And then I would recommend you follow-up directly with Brilliant support. You’ve paid $$$ for those fancy switches - they owe you customer service!).

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Well I think I have it all figured out. They’re Google assist only will work for the load that’s connected to the brilliant. It’s not a built-in assist like Alexa is in brilliant. My ring Spotlight shows up but will not show video because they only support the ring doorbell so far. And I think I figured out how to get all of my SmartThings on to brilliant, there was one step that I missed and even tech support missed. On the SmartThings app after you enable brilliant you have to choose which lights you would like brilliant to be able to show and control. When I get home tonight I will be trying it and hopefully it will work. I will keep everybody updated

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