Bosch ISW-ZDL1-WP11G: Cats keep Triggering it. Any ideas?


Just imported 3 of these [Bosch ISW-ZDL1-WP11G motion sensors from the US to try as there are cats in the house and these are supposed to be pet immune.

So findings so far is they are good when the pet is at ground level and the sensor at normal mounting height.

However when the cats jump up on to furniture it triggers the PIR.

So either I need to re-think the use of the PIR’s or I am hoping somebody might have a clever suggestion they have used to get around this as I am sure I’m not the only one that’s found this problem.

Any ideas anyone…

I did think if I could set ST to only alert on multiple triggers say from two sensors instead of one that would work , but I cannot find a way in ST Sot do that … again does anyone know a way of doing that … maybe with core/piston (which I dont understand) or IFTTT ?

One way you could do what you describe is to create a virtual motion detector, and use WebCoRE (or another tool) to set its motion to active only when they see motion on 2 or more other sensors. The other sensors would have to be excluded from SHM to keep them from triggering an alarm/notification.

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Thank you… I am trying that but I have one think I don’t understand with core. I created a piston as an
and /if to say if motion happens here and here in a time period, then do this…

Problem is the “then” I want to be one that triggers the system to alert, and turn on sirens , send message etc, as the system normally would if a alarm condition occurs.

It appears there are no direct foundation level options in core to do this and you have to create each of these actions in either the first piston or secondary pistons you then execute.

Am i right ?

I was hoping there was an option that said if in away mode and this occurs trigger alarm status which then invokes the parameters I have set under the smart monitoring defaults for the system ( which also cover smoke, leaks etc )

I think I cannot do this ? and have to describe each action… which if I do then surely the system default conditions are not used…

confused … help

If you have the virtual motion sensor defined to SHM (Smartthings Home Monitor) then it will take care of the actions when you set the virtual motion sensor. That would be the simplest approach, otherwise you would need to manually create the notifications, etc. - the siren would need to be a device that is defined to ST and webCoRE.

Ah I see. So you are saying create a virtual sensor ( not sure how you do that …) and then assign in the SHM… that’s exactly what I need.

How do I create a virtual motions sensor that works on the "and " basis … i.e sensor 1 and sensor 2 must detect motions within a given time to allow a positive trigger?

Appreciate the help thanks

The webCoRE piston above is one way to trigger the virtual sensor. After you create the virtual sensor you can import it to play with using the import code: 287uk. To create the virtual device I usually use the IDE (, click on the My Devices tab, and add the device there selecting “Simulated Motion Detector” as the device type: