Multiple AND triggers to set off siren?

Hi! This is my first post so… I’ve now spent around 4 hours trying to figure out how… in away/Armed, I can set my siren to trigger only when a door sensor and motion sensor are BOTH triggered.
Help is very much appreciated.

Welcome! :sunglasses:

Which controller do you have? The ADT /SmartThings security panel? Or the original SmartThings Hub? The Security features work somewhat differently.

I believe if you are just using the built in options for SHM, it’s an either scenario.

You could create a Virtual Contact (simulated) and then use a rule engine such as webCoRE to say:

If motion is active
Contact is open
Then using Virtual Contact
Set Virtual Contact=Open

Set Virtual Contact=Close

Then use the Virtual Contact as the Contact in SHM

You create Virtual Devices in the SmartThings IDE or you can use a custom app such as Switch Mania.

webCoRE is a popular custom app that you would want to get a handle on upfront as it is very useful for creating simple and complex rules.

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