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Blue Iris

(Tony Gutierrez) #45

The blue iris code has changed. You can find the latest at

or in the main smartthings repo, whenever they decide to process pull requests.

(scott sams) #46

I should have searched for this sooner. Does this still work for you? I am having issues that my BI server wants authentication - login page even when I use the string above. Once I login and repost this it then triggers. Also, I cannot seem to find the BI Smart App. This is the first thing I want to setup with ST. If an event at a door occurs, trigger ALL cameras to record for trigger time. I hope you are still active and around. I emailed BI support but have not heard back. The help file seems a bit different in the format but I get the same results when I have HTTP Auth on for LAN. Turning it off, I never get the status code return from BI and cameras don’t trigger.



Any luck with this?

(scott sams) #48

Me? Yes mine is working well. - the BI SmartApp

(Tom) #49

I came from IncontrolHA too. Unfortunately while there are many nice things about SmartThings I have found overall flexibility of the system to be much lower then IC. Nice thing is you can run IC as a secondary netwrok to ST if you want.


But all you can do it toggle modes?

(scott sams) #51

Correct. That is all you can do.


Getting the following error when trying the sync the Blue Iris Device Handler. Smart app will also not work to change profiles.

5e39880a-6bfd-4c3a-a415-cff574a2cd0a 12:18:45 PM: error error 21: Parsing parseBody() error, body is ‘null’. Error: java.lang.NullPointerException

5e39880a-6bfd-4c3a-a415-cff574a2cd0a 12:18:45 PM: error error 4: msg.status returned 302

Any Ideas?