Blue Iris - profile trigger


I have setup blue iris (very awesome program) and am trying to get working with it to trigger my profiles from smartthings mode changes.

I have web server etc setup (and can access locally on lan) but am getting “Cloud not adjust blue iris :(” errors

I’ve obviously setup the profile numbers (i only have two profiles in use for now) but no luck.

Is this app working presently? I am on blue iris 4.0.7 x64

thank you

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Got it going! Have to use external ip and it worked.

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I have to give a shout out to community member @Tony_Gutierrez. I am a Blue Iris user as well as a Smartthings user and I really wanted a way to sync up states between the two.

Enter Tony’s Blue Iris Integration code. In the past, I’d only installed one custom app and forgot how I did it. Tony gave me a tip on what to do and I got it done.

Here’s a few seconds long video clip showing me touching 3 different Smartthings Routines buttons on an iPhone and seeing the Profile change in Blue Iris.


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Youtube video link is broken.

Thanks - I fixed the link.

nice. i’ve been using blue iris for a while. i LOVE having it arm/disarm based on our presence. I also have custom modes for night vs day to change from color to brightness. very cool

I set this up today and it works like a charm!! Thanks a lot!!

Does this work with https? (stunnel)

I guess I wanted to bump this. Has anyone gotten this to work on installations using stunnel?

Do you have a working port forward in your router for BI https port? In other words, can you hit the BI web site/authentication page from your smartphone (not on wireless, of course)

Oh yeah, my stunnel connection works fine. My mobile devices connect just fine as well as using a browser on a different network via https. I just haven’t been able to get this app to work with it. If I remove stunnel, it works.

I would also love some support for this app with stunnel. Running http externally is not an option for me. I already use ST geofencing and would like to tie in BI profile changes to that instead of BI native geofencing options.

There is new code here

Also in the main smart apps repo, whenever they pull.


cool wonder what the new features are or just big fixes

More reliable mode detection, better logging, logout when done changing BI mode to avoid BI user limit.

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Can someone point me to a tutorial on how you get this installed into ST? This is why I bought ST over a standard security system. I wanted to trigger BI when an even occurs. I am new to ST (two days) and I am not sure what I do with this code.


Try this

you install the smartapp (see link above) via ide - and then go to your smartthings app on your mobile - and click market place. the smart apps. then my apps. and select the blue iris app you installed - then just configure it to set the blue iris when the mode changes in smartthings. (you’ll need to enter the external IP address for the server)

Thanks, that did it. I think I am missing something though. It appears you set profile based on mode Away, Home, etc. what I don’t understand is if I set profile 7 to continuous record during mode away, I was hopeful this would only trigger on an event such as a door sensor opening and triggering my alarm. Am I missing the concept of this app?


ok i think i figured it out. i setup a new mode and used smart rules to change to that mode if a sensor triggers. testing it i never see BI change to my profile. any way to check logs for what is happening?

Ok found logging on portal. I see it times out. I used internal IP. Guess I have to use external IP?