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Blue Iris

(Minollo) #21

Yeah, it’s understandable…
If I have some time during holidays, I may try having some fun with it.

(Tony Gutierrez) #22

I took a stab at converting to a device type, but I am pretty sure I am going to give up. What is available in Device Types for making local http requests in pretty crappy and limited. It is definitely possible, but more work than needed. Also the requests are async, with no way to match response to request, so you never really know what response you are parsing. Pretty disappointing.


Hey Tony! Where is this. I can’t find it anywhere?

(Tony Gutierrez) #24

New link to latest code posted below (Mar 2016).

(Minollo) #26

The login() function is throwing an exception; wrap that call in a try/catch block to see what the actual error is:
try {
} catch (e) {
log.error e

(Kao) #28

Can anyone still see the app? I don’t seemed to be able to find it anymore…

(Morgan) #29

@paotang_kao Where are you looking for that app?

(Kao) #30

from the android app and from ide. I must be missing something here… can you help?

(veni) #32

@Tony_Gutierrez the Blueiris profile app has stopped working for me, are you experiencing the same issue? FYI my BI version is 4.0.92

(Minollo) #33

I’m still on BI 3.x, so I can’t tell for sure about the version you are using.
Any hints from the “live logging” of the app?

(Tony Gutierrez) #34

It’s still working for me, but for at least the last 6 months, Smartthings has not been reliably notifying all subscribers of mode changes. Ill come home and a few of my home tasks will run and some will not. I quite often have to retrigger a mode change to get BI to toggle.

(veni) #36

false alarm, everything seems to be working fine. Something was causing it not to work yesterday, not sure what but now it works.


This app is working great with the Routines. When I wake up, go to bed, leave, and come home, everything is awesome.

Is there a way to allow the Smart Home Monitor modes (Arm/Away, Arm/Stay, Disarm) control the Blue Iris modes too? It would be helpful to have these buttons be an easy way to manually change Blue Iris’s mode, like if a neighbor is coming into your house when you’re not home, or if you’re getting out of bed in the middle of the night.

I’m no coder and I really appreciate the help.


I’m very interested in getting SmartThings to trigger blue iris. Can you PLEASE post the “Manage Blue Iris” app!!! I can’t find it out there anywhere.
Thanks so much:)

(Ray) #39

It’s 3 posts up :smile: but here’s the link to it.


I am new to ST coming over from Vera so please no flaming.

I copied the code from github into at graph > new smart app from code. It showed up under my apps. I added the BI username, ip, port, and password. It doesn’t look like it is doing anything.

anyway, what I am really looking for is simp,y for my Zwave sensors to triggers BI to record. Ex. If WeMo motion sensor goes off, record the cameras in group a. Etc.

This code looks more like a profile switcher. Am I mistaken? Thanks

(Jody) #41

That is in fact what it is. The code allows you to change your BI profiles based on a trigger in SmartThings. You need to punch a hole in your firewall for it to work.


Thanks. Not sure why this is needed with the geofencing option in BI. Maybe I am missing the bigger picture.
Is there a way to link sensors with BI to record when a motion sensor is tripped?


I’ve switched from IncontrolHA to Smart Things a few months ago in search of increased reliability. In IcontrolHA I had a scene that was setup as follows:

if there’s an open contact at front gate
then send this http command:

This one feature is why I know anything about home automation; I needed a way to trigger Blue Iris that was not motion. When I get an alert on my phone it is because someone has entered my gated property and not because there’s a spider at work on my camera.

I have looked high and low and have come to the conclusion that an app to trigger Blue Iris does not currently exist and that it will have to be coded by someone that know how to do such a thing.

Why? Blue Iris is great and a true partner to HA. I can get it to do so many things that ST is not capable of so it REALLY extends ST’s functionality. For example when BI is “triggered” to record it is capable of placing a call, sending a text, emailing, playing sounds thru the computer speakers, launching programs/scripts, upload video clips/pics to the cloud and my favorite - send a push notification from the BI app with a link to a recorded clip. Bam! That’s the power, and that’s the point where the smart home, vid monitoring and security system all come together for me.

please help!


You can use PLEG. I’m don’t know much on how to set it up bit know it can do what you are asking – at least through VERA.