Blink XT vs Blink

Anybody that has experince with the Blink XT and Blink cameras I have a quick question.

I think I have decided to go with Blink over Arlo as it will meet my needs better. My question is XT much better than the original Blink? My plan was to have two outdoor cameras which will be Blink XT no matter what. For indoor I prefer the white look so that it does not stand out as much. So I can get the white covers for the XTs.

For 5 XTs on amazon it is $500 + $25 for 3 white covers.

But currently on the Blink site I can get to combo kits of 1 Blink XT, Sync Module, 2 Blink for about $250 each.
So for $500 + $10 shipping I get 2 XT, 4 regular, and 2 sync module (even though I only need one).

The additional camera would just go on my second floor and would not really be for security monitoring. What would you guys recommend?
Getting 5 XT or 2 XT and 4 originals?

The only differences I can really tell is XT has the IR Night mode, and the future possibility of 1080p.
Would the 1080p really make a big difference? I have never had a security camera so not sure how it would affect it.


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Hi @organa7,

Welcome to the Blink community. 1st and I don’t want to be a pain, you should post directly to the Official Blink Integration thread:

2nd: If you have an auning or an overhang outside your house which will protect your Blink camera from the elements, than I would recommand from personal experiance to use the original Blink and not the XT. I have two outside that way and save me $$.

3rd: Correct XT has a true night vision as opposed to the original Blink which uses an Ultra bright LED to eluminate the night.(That works for me on my Deck and my Driveway at night. Scare away unwanted visitors!)

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thanks, I posted it onto that thread.

I had Blink, returned it and got Blink XT. it worked fine but when I heard about Arlo Pro, i decided to give it a shot.

In the battle of Blink XT vs Arlo Pro, the latter takes the top spot without any further discussions. Arlo is more reliable, flexible, durable and a best-seller.

Surely, Blink has nice security cameras and they offer high levels of security but Arlo Pro is a top-notch product that has the highest ratings and thousands of satisfied customers.


Where did you get your ratings and reviews from?

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From his own site.
I wouldn’t trust it.

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