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Hi all…! Is anyone having trouble with Rboy Blink camera handler? For the past seven days now the camera have been disconnected from ST. I try to log back in but keep getting error message - “Invalid password”, but the official Blink app is working perfectly fine with the same credential. I spoke to the Blink customer rep, and he told me the problem is on the ST end; any help will be appreciated.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! :disappointed_relieved: Whenever you have a problem with a custom device type handler or smartapp, you’ll get the quickest answer by asking in the author’s thread. If you Can’t remember where the author’s thread is, check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki:

In this case, there are over 100 posts from the last week discussing what’s going on with blink in the author thread for the device type handler, so you’ll find your answers there along with what people are doing about it.

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Thanks JD.

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Blink is actively shutting down the integration between Blink and ST via RBoy’s third party script. It was off, then on again, then off again…dunno what the current state is, but that’s probably got something to do without it. Their solution is to use IFTTT. If you search the forum you’ll find currently populated threads about it. It’s really too bad…

Yeah…I’m very disappointed in them.

One of the rep told me that they’ve been experiencing stability issue with their platform due to the integration with ST! I guess he had to justified the why they’re cutting off. SMH…

Please update to the latest version of the SmartApp and DH. Old versions are no longer supported by Blink.

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Thanks! I’m up and running again👍🏾

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Good morning RBoy! First of all I want to thanks for this wonderful app and the support you guys have always provided.
I’m having trouble updating my blink camera to the latest version! When I got your app I did subscribed to the lifetime, but every time I try to update it ask me for login credentials! Please check your record and rectify.
Your record should have the email address or