Blink and SmartTiles - Live view option?

We use SmartTiles on a Fire $49 tablet to monitor the status of the house. We have mounted a Blink Camera outside the front door. My husband has asked for a “Tile” he can click on and see the live view of that Blink camera. Is that possible? Thanks


@krlaframboise and @RBoy are Blink Camera gurus and might be able to help.


For general SmartTiles Video Support, please reference and ask in our dedicated VTopic…

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Blink generates dynamic links for showing video feeds. The only way to have SmartTiles show it would be to have SmartTiles support DH interaction to retrieve dynamic streams (the way the new video tile in ST works). That would require customization of SmartTiles to interact with DH non standardized ways. Maybe @tgauchat can comment on it as I know that is one thing they are reluctant to do, atleast for now. I’m hoping with v6 it’s something they can work into it

However you can always open the ST app and view the video from the device page or just use the native blink app

This is a year old request, and we now have ActionTiles, but this is still my husband’s number one request of me… Has anyone figured out how to click on an ActionTile and have it show the current view of a Blink? Thanks

Hi Ginny,

This is now a Feature Request in the ActionTiles Forum. Please add your Votes.

As with all Feature Requests, it is still too early to tell what or when we will implement, but we have some idea of what might work.