Bladeless fans?

I’m looking to setup a few bladeless fans. I’d prefer dumb fans with old school physical switches so I could put them on a powered receptacle, but I’m also searching for smart fans that I can integrate with my existing ST.

Anyone aware of bladeless models that fit this bill (preferably not the exorbitantly expensive Dyson)?


How big do you want to go?

Good luck! Smartness is still not as far along as I had hoped in terms of consumer products. I bought a portable AC and was happy that it will resume its last state after “power failure”, so I have it on a smart switch and “fail” the power with the switch, then upon resume power the AC returns to its last state, aka on. But I cannot change the temp…

If you find one with an IR remote, you can integrate it through SwitchBot or Harmony. :sunglasses:

Ha! Actually that’s a super cool product but I was hoping for desk and floor type stand fans, not ceiling

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This is what I was hoping for- something where I can just control on/off and it retains state is plenty enough

I don’t have Harmony available in that room so I’d need another hub (I already use harmony elsewhere in the house). I do have some spare Global Cache devices, though. I should go research if those work- plenty of fans are clearly simple IR controllable.

I’ve been really happy with the SwitchBot mini hub as an IR blaster and it has an official SmartThings integration with the new V3 app. I’m now using this for echo integration with several devices.

But sure, if you have an extra global cache, that should work too.

Is this fan one you’ve specifically used or recommend? Zero Amazon reviews and ~60 days to ship so I’m slightly skeptical, but it does look like a neat knockoff (in a good way).

I don’t know anything about that specific model, it’s just an example of one with an IR remote. Sorry for any confusion.

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