BEWARE! WARNING! The Smartthings App May Be Compromised!

Please be aware that Samsung accidently exposed source code and keys to modify source code for multiple projects, including the Android app. This security lapse potentially exposed the source code of the Samsung mobile application to modification by malicious hackers posing as legitimate Samsung/Smartthings employees such that Samsung has no simple way to determine whether the source was altered and accidently deployed to the Google Play store. No communication or notice of the security breach was sent by Samsung to impacted customers. For more information see

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First off: knowing what we know of Samsung’s business model, is anyone surprised by this?

Second: if anyone has obtained the source code, perhaps it could be re-written to allow local processing. Hmmm, didn’t a local-processing device based on Smartthings hit the market recently? :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


The only thing that was exposed was the code for the mobile app. Nothing to do with the cloud or the hub or local processing.


Maybe we could see a version of the Classic Mobile app with the ability to activate the new v3 hubs, Scenes and the new SHM and we’re all set! Best app ever!