[BETA] Insteon Smart Hub + Basic Switches

Sorry if this is not the proper way to release something but I have published a working Smart App for the Insteon Hub and basic switches. Sorry no dimmer support yet.

You can find the Smart App here: https://github.com/hypermoose/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/smartapps/hypermoose/insteon-connect.src/insteon-connect.groovy

Device link to follow since apparently this forum won’t let me add two :frowning:
Hope this helps someone.


I get not authorized when trying to add. I installed the smart app and the device linked:


Some preconfig in the app needed first?

Nevermind, enable Oath first, duh.

Edit: I get an xml string stating:

string xmlns=“http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/”>Invalid credentials

What’s the secret sauce?

Hi Michael,

Sorry, in my excitement to get people trying this I did a very poor job of documenting it. I was hoping that ST would approve my app submission and I wouldnt have to do it through the forums. However that seems to not be the case after a month of waiting.

Beyond enabling OAuth in the SmartApp you need to create two app settings. They are clientId and clientSecret, spelled that way. Those are the app credentials from Insteon’s developer portal. If you signup here http://www.insteon.com/developer/ they will send you one. If you would like to try it out with mine while you wait for yours I’m willing to share them through a private email to gacald@live.com.

Thanks for trying it out.

I’ve been waiting two weeks and haven’t heard from Insteon, how long should it take?

I would contact Insteon support. They were able to get my id in a day or so.

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Insteon seems to be rejecting developer ID requests, if they feel your app isn’t broad enough.

Mine’s been rejected twice now so I’m just making up random stuff, at least I’ll irritate them a bit…

Finally got my key after telling them I would create " a world changing app that will connect all iot systems currently available and IT WILL BE AWESOME!" guess they liked that!

Got the app working, it created the devices for all my insteon switches, they don’t update state if I manually switch them though. Is there something more I need to do? Have you made any progress on dimming or motion/contact sensors? I’ve read through the API doc’s a long time ago, so I might try to start playing a bit, but that usually ends in me breaking more than I fix.

out of curiosity, why not develop something that uses an Insteon PLM directly? bypass the hub altogether?

There is something that works with that I believe. My issue is I’m not spending another dime on Insteon so I’m not going to try and find an old PLM device on eBay. The hub2 not supporting it is just stupid. I can locally control via json with the hub2, just no updates from the hub, and with the API integration I can at least get a refresh of status which is working so far it seems, but it’s not exactly realtime.

If I had the PLM and used EventGhost I could pretty easily make this happen, but the less components the better. I did have my Pi doing some of this, but it wasn’t any better since I couldn’t get it to monitor the hub’s stream for event notifications. With the API, I could probably, but I’m not a program, and that’s just way beyond me.

Insteon needs to stop being a d*ck and start working with other HA companies like they did with Alexa, they seem to think they are the end all be all of HA.

@hypermoose Twice now I’ve had to go into the IDE and do an Update on this SA, all the devices under it would disappear and I’d get a “you are not authorized” error. Have you had this issue at all?

The 5 minute poll isn’t working 100% either, sometimes I’ll notice a light is on, but the app shows it off, and it’s been hours, without an apparent poll update. This could be platform issues if a request is timing out I’d guess, but just curious if you’ve had these troubles?


No sorry, I haven’t had that problem. The 5 minute poll has been running reliably for months. I wonder if you might have more devices than me and its triggering some limit. Does it work better if you turn down the polling frequency to say 10 minutes?

I will try, I have about a half dozen devices right now.

This is great, are there any limitations to the API that your aware of?

I tried hacking in the open/close door sensor, added the device code, but I was testing it manually (advanced rest client + oauth token from the debug logs) and when I try to retrieve the status I got bad request or something.

I originally set out to use ST to integrate my insteon door sensor with my hue lights. So when I came in with my hands full and all the lights were off it would turn then on. I was sad when I found out insteon didn’t have a community app for it and I was too stubborn to buy the ST door sensor.

Anyone still working on this or have any info a similar more up to date project?

I’m looking for something similar but would want to add dimmer functionality.

It looks like the hard work of integrating with the Insteon API has been done but I’m stuck on getting a device handler to interact with the smartapp.

@hypermoose Are you still willing to share your API while I wait? I emailed you.