Best Zigbee Or Zwave Garage Door Sensor

With the new edge drivers and transition, what sensor would work best for a garage door sensor?

Open to either zigbee or zwave…

What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

Ah, thanks.


I’ve been using the Ecolink Z-wave tilt sensor 2.5 for years. Never a problem and they’ve had the same batteries in them for over 5 years.


Are you on the new edge drivers with it?

Battery sounds amazing.

I am using the “Z-Wave Sensor PH” edge driver now. These were the first devices I changed over from DTH to edge.

I’ve had them installed for about 6 years and the batteries are still reporting 80%.

I installed Chamberlain sensors at the same time, those died about 4 years ago.

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Recommend the TILT 2.5-ECO garage door sensor, using our Edge drivers. Battery life is very good.

Do not get the earlier TILT2-ECO version, as its regular Zwave, not Zwave plus.

At some point I’ll pick up the new TILT 5.0-ECO version and add support for it as well.

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Thank you!

Thank you! Going to look into them.

Is the 5.0 not supported yet with the edge drivers?

It is currently cheaper than the 2.5.

It may be supported by the stock beta driver. I have no idea. Its not supported by ours yet. I don’t have one to test with.

Okay. Thanks.

I ended up ordering the 5. I will report back when I install it.

Thank you all for the recommendations…


The 5 arrived today. It installed flawlessly and appears to be working. Don’t know if it is on an edge driver or not.

Regardless, I will install on the door tomorrow and hope for the best.