Best way to make a gate buzzer that works with SmartThings?

(Kalvin) #1

I’d like to be able to buzz someone in remotely at the gate outside. We have an existing gate buzzer button on the inside of our house; when I push it, it unlocks the gate outside. Separately, I just set up a Smartthings and a Kwikset 914 (now just need support from Smartthings for adding/removing user codes!) How can I get the gate buzzer to work with SmartThings?

I don’t have any prior electrical or home automation experience, unfortunately. After a lot of Googling I couldn’t find anything except the Doorbot which appears to have terrible reviews.

I found this thread: App that will turn off switch after a short period?, and it’s sort of close, but not exactly, what I’m looking for.

I’m happy to make something (and/or program, I’m a software developer) and also happy to buy something but need some pointers on what to look for…


(eisenhowerj) #2

How will you know the person at the door is friend or foe? If you have a security camera, then why doesn’t opening the app and hitting unlock work for you?

(Kalvin) #3

Oops, I clearly didn’t explain that well. The Kwikset is totally separate. I have a separate gate buzzer that lets someone in the gate (not the door), and I want to trigger the gate buzzer via SmartThings as well.

(Matthew Bial) #4

@kalvin +1 I’m also in desperate need of a gate entry solution. Bought a doorbot, but have yet to really bother using it because of the lack of SmartThings integration. Even then, it’s probably not ideal because there’s still no live video support within the SmartThings app (something we’re going to absolutely need to make this integration great along with any decent security cam integration). Thanks so anyone with ideas.

(Kim Andrè Flaten) #5

Hello @kalvin Im using a MIMOlite Z-Wave bridge module to control my gate buzzer ( )

I set up as garage door in the ST app, and chose a door sensor that is always closed.

I also use my Pebble to unlock garagedoor, gate door and apartment door.

(Matthew Bial) #6

@kimmi - Could you please show us some photos of how you have the MIMOlite wired into your existing Aiphone intercom? This would be a big help. Thank you!


(Kim Andrè Flaten) #7

Here is a picture inside the intercom.

(Matthew Bial) #8

@kimmi Thanks so much for sharing. Could you also show us how you’ve wired the MIMOlite? I assume you’re using CMD and NC? Thanks for clarifying!


(Kim Andrè Flaten) #9


Another options that I use is the Lockitron Access - which is basically just a raspberry pi. It’s not ideal because I would like it to integrate with ST, but it does have the benefit of being able to send “keys” to visitors that only work on certain days and during specified times.

(Matthew Bial) #11

@lazant Ideally we’d have a device integration for Lockitron as it (theoretically) will work with the Doorbot in the very near future. This would make it a really great solution as we’d be able to buzz the gate either from SmartThings or when responding to the Doorbot app itself. Being that it’s basically a Raspberry Pi and Lockitron has an open API, does anyone have the desire to work with me to build a device type for it? Thanks as usual!

(Beth A Steffel) #12

How did you integrate your Pebble?

(Kim Andrè Flaten) #13

I use Authorize App Endpoint Access and http request on my Pebble

(Rob DeMillo) #14

@kimmi - I have a very similar setup with a front gate and an airphone. I see it’s been a year since your post, and I wanted to find out how the system is working for you - anything you would do differently?

The one snag here is that the MIMOlite looks like it requires A/C power (I guess they all would) - I don’t have a power outlet near my airphone… is there a way to power the MIMOlite by stealing power from the Airphone?


(Kim Andrè Flaten) #15

Hello @uberrob i haven’t had any problems with this setup.Just works perfectly :grinning: I would imagen it will be possible to connect the power directly to the Airphone but you need to check the current. The A/C adapter output is 13,5V - 400mA on the MIMOlite.

Kim André

(Rob DeMillo) #16

Thanks @kimmi - yipes, 13.5V? That’s…a lot. Not sure the AirPhone will provide it, but I’ll check with a current monitor.

Thanks again!