Best way to do momentary push button action

I am trying to get some input on the best way to control a lift. The manufacturer supplied a two button switch device for manual control , one button is for UP and the other button is for DOWN. Both UP and DOWN buttons are spring loaded so that after pressing the button and releasing, the contact opens up so these are not latching but momentary action.

So my desire is to use voice command to only one device like “Hey Google, turn ON lift” and of course the reverse for OFF. Is there a device out there that does momentary output pulses that I drive a relay with or what other options are there for me to control this lift?

I’m sure others will have some suggestions but this is a very good use case for the Prota microbots. They’re expensive, $49 for each actuator plus the $89 bridge ( which can handle up to 40 of the microbots) because the bridge is what gives you the IFTTT integration, but they solve a lot of push button use cases in a very simple way.

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Oh I wonder if any of the arduino experts may be able to point you into using the cheap ESP8266 development board for this. It’s got built in wifi so you all you need is the code to use the pins as relays.

Edit: Something like this one:

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I thought I remember reading someone a while ago about being able to attempt “flashing” an output? Maybe that would serve as a momentary push action but it mush only blink one time and not twice or else the life will stop.

I think you may have the best solution so far? I am looking at the H801 that uses the ESP8266 with @erocm1231 code and basically see if I can pulse the 2 Channel Relay that way?

UPDATE: I did some testing and this setup works like a champ. His code allows for customized programming that is accessible via virtual switches. I just set a program for a short 1/2 second pulse to trigger the relay momentarily and control the virtual switch from SmartThings to initiate the program.

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What about something like this one…

If you or someone wrote the code for it I don’t see why not? You could probably modify what @erocm1231 already did… but why? The one I referred to is already written and tested on the H801 which has an enclosure and is built and for only $12

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I have a Fibaro relay (zwave relay device) that I use to control my gates. The problem is that once the relay pulses, it stays in a latched state, so that other key fobs are rendered useless until I pulse the gate again via ST.

I’ve tried changing the device type to a momentary switch, but this has no effect. Is there a way of essentially forcing 2x pulses per button click on ST?