Best way to control ceiling fans

I pulled apart the wall switches and was able to rewire how the fans operate. The walls have two switches. One controls the fan and another controls a receptacle outlet. Fortunately, the house was wired with 3-wire cable. I rewired the receptacle so it’s always hot. Then I wired the fan so the light kit and fans are controlled by individual switches. Now I just need to order dimmer switches and fan switches and everything will work as I wanted.

I appreciate everyones help.


Did you ever get answers, I been searching also.
I have same setup 2 switch 1 for fan 1 switch for the light on the fan.
Years ago I added a remote fan light control which I’d like to keep to use in addition to Zwave controlled options if possible

I see the guy Dalec in the community has done this, but have contracted other with No input or suggestions

There have been several new devices released in the last year that may work. See the following FAQ

The only options I have ever found is the GE ones that are on these topics also. But it doesn’t appear that its dimmable either

I’m not sure I understand this comment. If you use two GE switches side by side, which is discussed in the FAQ I linked to, one of those is a switch that controls the lights and the other is a switch that controls the fan. The switch that controls the lights is a dimmer switch. The switch that controls the fan has low/medium/high options. :sunglasses:


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+1 on GE switches, 2.5 years now. except I don’t have wall switches in the rooms, 1920s knob and tube wiring, the switch knobs used to be on the lights themselves. I dremeled the fan body put the switches on either side - this way the fan is still balanced.

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So you have Used the the GE switches & the Zwave controls works for both Dimming the light & fan controls.
I have the same 2 switch wall control.

The only thing I’d love to keep is the manual old handheld remote powered about the Fan

look at the remotes page and get yourself another remote that works with ST - there are a lot of solutions out there. I came from the X-10 world had a bunch of those, and they are cheap. The added advantage would be that depending on the number of buttons they control other things too.

I’m a bit of a Novice so if you have some links or photos or could send me a link to what you’re referring to that would be greatly appreciated.

What I’m looking to accomplish is Zwave control of the Fan & dimmable Fan light thru ST but still have a separate handheld remote for alternate use, I have a separate switch for Fan power & Fan light currently,

I just moved to a house with 5 ceiling fan/light combos, each has one switch on the wall and the wiring in this house is so old there are only two wires (no neutral) so I’m unable to install WIFI switches.

Is there one device I can install in the fan that will allow me to continue using the switch on the wall to turn on the light as you described like a 3 way switch?

While I would love to have the option to control fan speed and dimming of the lights, I’m hearing of many reliability issues with the Hampton Bay Zigbee controller, are there any other single unit options?

Wish I could help you. I have not messed with my fans in some time. So I am behind on the options available. I assumed the Hampton Bay option was the way to go.

My GE modifications and switches have worked without a hitch in my house. If there is any way possible. I recommend them.

Are you saying no neutrals at the switches? Is there a neutral in the box behind the fan? That is where mine was located in some of my configurations.

If somehow there is NO neutrals, then I’m also confused and really don’t know how to help or what to suggest? The resident encyclopedia\ fountain of knowledge ( @JDRoberts ) might be able to point you in the right direction. Otherwise I would just have to use Google and search the forum myself.

Possibly ( although a pain ) you could do a good investigation of your wiring circuits and provide a little more detail. We only get to try and visualize from your pictures or description.

I am in a similar situation I don’t have any switches. What you can do is is just put the ZWave switches in the fan body. This was a couple of hours, warranty voiding dremel work.

I have never needed to access it after programming it, I use the app, X-10 remotes and the dash button to turn the fan on/off and control speed.

Probably not what you’re looking for, but…

The Hampton Bay seems to be the best solution in my opinion; the wiring in my house is so old that there is no neutral or ground that I can find behind the switches… still need to confirm whats behind the ceiling fans, just moved in and need to borrow a ladder to get into the attic and check things out. The only reason I was looking for alternatives is there seems to be somewhat of a reliability issue that is becoming more common around that thread. Will update once I have a better look up there.

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Some of this post contains comments/info from older posts in an attempt to summarize and consolidate for new comers.

The knock on Bond switches, is the device must have original remote in order to teach it. Then through smart hubs it can integrated into scenes etc. I have two unused. If anybody is dying to try them, I will sell one, or both, for 10% off retail. The still have the plastic wrap around boxes-never been opened. Send a direct message if interested. $99 at Amazon

I do use the GE Fan Control switch. Like everything else, there’s a learning curve getting it into pairing mode, but once paired it’s easy as pie to work with. I used a GE Dimmer on the Light in the same gang box. They work fine, but my fan light is a tiny halogen that does not seem to like being dimmed.
Amazon has both Fan $44 and Light $41.

The fellow wondering how to wire his fan and light with no switch maybe beat. It’d require a neutral for most brand switches, other than iNovelli I think. I have two of them and they’re very good with great customer support, I think there’s another one out there but not certain. His current fan likely has a red and black (generally the load & lline respectively), or if end of run only a black. That case would mean an internal fan switch is serving as the second switch for the light (pull the chain).

Perhaps one of the switches/dimmers $41 (meant to be hidden in gang box behind switch) could be secured inside the Fan body. If so, maybe think of some sort of shield between fan motor and switch to minimize interference from the magnet. That’d be the easiest. If it’s a one story and you can run a new drop with neutral it’d be best I think.

This Sonoff $15 concealed will control two devices. There’s an assortment of more expensive fan control switches offered. The best of the bunch looks to be a Caseta by Lutron $55

Either way, keep looking there’ll be an easy solution pop out at you. This space is changing everyday and get very aggressive and have more choices up, and down, the pricing spectrum as more companies compete for our dollar. When you decide, let us know what you chose…consider taking pics of install for those less inclined to see it’s not brain surgery.

the expensive way is to replace the fans. The best fans I know of are from … their for the home fans, version HAIKU is wonderful and does mesh networking and can be controlled by your smart phone. They are quiet, low energy and can be ‘smart’ (turn off when no one is present, come on when someone comes into the space). Basically the fan I always dreamed I could have (no, I don’t have any).

Except that this forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform, and those particular fans do not integrate with SmartThings ™ :disappointed_relieved:

All questions and answers in this forum need to be in the context of the Samsung platform.

Personally, we have a smart fan that we really like that works well with apple’s HomeKit. But there’s no integration with SmartThings, so I don’t mention it here. :wink: