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Best way to collect logs from the hub?

(Hal Rottenberg) #102

Here’s a basic screenshot of recent events

(Moose Quest) #103

If you guys want any queries done let me know. I’ll be obliged to help :slight_smile:

(Moose Quest) #104

(Jason Hamilton) #105

Nice work there @kristerpher_hen. I’ll have to take a screen shot of mine and put it on here. You gave me some good ideas though I like it.

(Jason Hamilton) #106

So mine is currently really energy focused. I also have a weather dashboard where I use my 3 outside Aeon Multisensors to avg out the current outside temp :slight_smile: time to I think build another dashboard.

So adding some more here since I accidentally posted this on another thread woops. Need to make sure I’m paying attention before I hit the post button. Ok I think that this should be enough in here now.

(Rlyons20) #107

I added the app in my SmartThings API, configured the options from my device, set up the HTTP Event Collector on the Splunk side, but I’m not getting any data in Splunk…

What are the most common things to be missing here??

(Rlyons20) #109

I just disabled SSL, and everything is working like a champ.

(Jason Hamilton) #110

Yeah I need to figure out how to hide that if internal is set to true.
This was my little pet project to get my feet wet and it works lol


Really good stuff here. Thanks to all that have contributed.

Kristerpher, can you share how you built the “longest running” query?


Thanks for all your work on this. Dashboard looks great.

(Rlyons20) #113

I’d love to know how you did the Device Activity chart. I already replicated your “Device Count” and “Device List” reports/panels.


(Rlyons20) #114

Thank you so much for the app! It is great!

The one remaining issue I’m having is that it won’t send data on my Thermostat (Honeywell) and my locks (Kwikset). It allows me to select them in the app, but no data is coming through…

Any ideas on these last 2 items??

Thanks again!!

(Rlyons20) #115

I’m very interested in how you developed this chart.

Please let me know if you would be willing to assist.


(Jason Hamilton) #116

I do have a Honeywell thermostat so I’ll have to look into that. Unfortunately I don’t have any smart locks yet so I don’t really have a way to debug those as to why ST won’t subscribe to those events. I set them up the same as everything else in the code so I’m not sure what the issue is there.

(Hal Rottenberg) #117

That’s just a split over time by device. Do a search for the right source, then click on the device field. You’ll see some quick report links.

A search would look like:

sourcetype=smartthings | timechart count by device

That may not be exact, on my phone right now.

(Rlyons20) #118

The thermostat started recording data somehow… not sure what happened there!

The locks are still not registering. If you want me to test anything, let me know!

(Rlyons20) #119

FYI, I contacted my friend at ST, and he got the app working for the locks.

The genericevent wasn’t working, so he just copied an pasted the event code into the action for the locks, and it worked.

(Jason Hamilton) #120

can you have your friend do a pull and merge request or provide me with the code that was changed so I can update the repo?

(Moose Quest) #122

Going forward I’ll be sharing the full gambit of knowledge objects needed to get your splunk up to par. When I get home I’ll share my XML.

Send all your Splunk Q’s my way – Splunk is what I do for a living…


Looking forward to it. I’m sure a pretty amazing dashboard is possible here. Let me know if I can help.