Best wall switch option - EU user


Im looking for a wall switch that I can install to control my lights when I want to override automation, for guests, and for extra utility (ex. just pressing a button on the nightstand for a goodnight/good morning routine).

I’ve searched, and there is definately a few good threads out there, but some are old, and some are for US-users. Im in Norway, and I like my switches square.


  • Battery powered
  • Looks allright, preferably square like my “offline” switches. (none of those flimsy keychain remote)
  • Works with Smartthings

Id prefer:

  • Multiple buttons
  • Support for double-press(/triple-press)

I’ve been checking out Nodon’ Octan/CWS 3-1, they look allright and has multiple buttons. Seems to be supported, but not sure about double-presses? Also like ZWC-K8, but cant find anything about Smartthings support or double-presses.

Have you looked at the buttons FAQ? There are several options there. The popp/Devolo work well and so do the Nodon. There’s also the four button Aeotec wallmote. Devices are marked as UK or US.

Thanks, I’ll check it out again.

I’ve seen the Aeotec before, but dropped it because its not really guest-friendly, and because of the battery life.


Did you find any good options?

It’s not Square, but the remotec ZRC90 is popular and is available on both US and EU frequencies. It has eight buttons, each of which has Tap, doubletap, and long press, so you get 24 functions in total. It can be used as a wall mount or tabletop device. And it is possible to label each button, making it more guest-friendly. :sunglasses:

It works well with SmartThings using the following device type handler:

I’ve landed on the Nodon switch for now. Most remotes in that thread are either keychain or not square.

That definately looks good, but the measurements are “off” for my other switches here in Norway. I might not be hinged right to notice that stuff, but I couldnt have it in my house :slight_smile:

Different things work for different people, and aesthetics are part of that. :sunglasses:

Some people are able to get past the “that looks different” issue by telling themselves that it is a different device class, a “control panel” rather than a “light switch.” So your light switches are square, your control panels are rectangular.

If that doesn’t work for you, you may just have to wait until someone creates a device type Handler for one of the various ZLL switches that are starting to come on the market. But it may be another six months to a year before that happens. :disappointed_relieved: