Best SmartThings-integrated Cameras

I see only integrations for Arlo and Ring in the SmartThings app. Are there integrations available anywhere else for other brands of cameras? I saw the deprecated Blink XT integration, which is frustrating, and am wondering if there are camera integrations with other manufactures.

Only for the Samsung SmartThings WiFi camera (new in 2019).

Otherwise, anything that has an IFTTT channel will give you some partial integration. Or you can look for community created integrations.

Note that even with Ring and Arlo it is not all models, only some. For example, there is an integration for the Arlo pro two, but not for the Arlo pro three. :disappointed_relieved:

There used to be an integration with the V2 hub for some other Samsung brand cameras, but that was dropped with the V3 hub.

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You can check out the Foscam integration:

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@JDRoberts, the funny thing is that the SmartThings camera is not an available choice in the classic app.

Thank you for your help.

That’s normal now for WiFi devices. There have been many of them in the last eight months that are using the new platform and therefore work only with the new V3 app. The classic app has already been announced as end of life and they are not adding new things to it unless required for security, so you are going to find more and more devices that work only with the new app.

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