Best Motion Sensor? (2015, now out of date)

There are a few out there, do any stand out as the best? I see the Aeon one works outdoors which is nice, but now they have a 6 sensor version which apparently has issues.

Is there a better area of the forum for this sort of stuff by the way?
Thank you much!

Mine eats through batteries every 4 - 6 months

I don’t know if you’re going to get a definite answer on this. You’ll probably get personal opinions. I have fibaro motion sensors which I love. Unfortunately they won’t work outside. I also have the smartThings Motion sensors and they are very reliable as well. These are indoor only as well.

I have 3 different motion sensors. If all you care about is motion, I would avoid the multisensor… they are battery killers.
I have had nothing but good experience with the Schlage motion sensors. Very fast… super long battery life.

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The Aeon is rated to go outdoors, but it does not reliably detect motion outdoors. In fact, most IR motion detectors will have problems with false detections when placed outdoors. If you need outdoor motion detection, you’ll need to use a purpose-built driveway motion detector and hook it up to a contact sensor. There are threads on this topic around the forums.

I use Aeons indoors, and they are fine. They work best when plugged into USB power (which is how most of mine are). The battery-powered ones I have do eat through batteries every 6 to 8 months, but I’m okay with that because they can use rechargeable AAA batteries. The Scalage sensors use 3V lithium batteries, and I don’t believe there is a rechargeable version of those. For me, that’s a deal-breaker.

In what regard?, environmentally in the PNW mine has been fine outdoors.

Fair enough. I live in Wisconsin and my experience with this motion sensor outside is cold weather causes it to not send events. It’s also way too sensitive which Sends false alerts. No matter which Params I changed, I could never get it to work right for me.

Got it, the only outdoor one I have is used exclusively for LUX readings.