Best location sensor hard or software?

Hi all!

I’ve been using several location methods at home to see which one helps determine my comings and goings… but they all seem to fail…

Using the Smartpresence sensor fob v1 eats the batteries waaaaaay darn fast…
The builtin mobile presence is unreliable (at least for me, in my Samsung galaxy Tab S).

Unreliable in the sense that it can either detect I’ve arrived or left right when it’s supposed to, or up to hours after, or even while I’m at home, say I’ve left and returned… while I’m sleeping!

That same unreliability affects other software solutions like life360 and even some custom ones I’ve tried…

Considering I live in an apartment on a 6th floor and the garage is 2 floors down underground…

What options do I have? Any ideas from you guys to help raise my happiness in this area?

The rest of the ST ecosystem works perfect!


This problem went away for me when I stopped using cheap batteries.

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I have been trying and using lots of different methods, the ST app is completely useless IMHO, at least on windows phones. Life360 is marginally better but is still not there, i am also using my Tado user presence device type as well, still not there for reliability.

then i set up [RELEASE] ASUSWRT Wifi Presence this is really good, its 99% there, the only problem i was having is occasionally the phone is a bit slow to come onto the network so when i reached my front door the door was locked. I have now got a hardware presence sensor to throw into the mix as well and i combine them all on a first past the post method using Rule Machine. this works extremely reliably for me now, i have tested it quite a bit over the last few days.

Thanks guys!

That wifi solution looks good… except that I’m not sure if my router (cablemodem really) will be compatible… It’s a thomson I believe…

Also, on the wifi front… I tried another wifi solution and it was inconsistent…

Do you guys think something using bluetooth ibeacons + android might work?

You definitely get what you pay for.