Best laundry alerts for stackable units?

As for the minimum wattage that each appliance uses, I’m curious where you set the limit for electronic units that have a low power “idle” mode, like my washing machine. When in true standby (what most people call “off”) it draws no detectable power (literally 0 according to the HEM). When in “idle” it draws 14 watts, and when running it draws hundreds and into the thousands of watts.

Is your 21 watts for the washer intended to ensure it is actively running a load? If so, did you bother to try for any granular alerts, for example:

if $load > 5 and $load <21 for more than 1hr then alert ’ hey did you forget to start your load?

my minimum 21 is for actively running loads, anything equal to 21 or above 21 will be considered ‘on’ in regards to core triggers/alerts. If it’s on standby my washer draw 5 watts. No other granular alerts besides washer is done or dryer is done alerts, and one to let me know the outlet is now off so I can save some pennies on the standby wattage.

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Is anyone using webcore for this I would like to see the piston if you are as I’m having no luck getting it to work. Thanks

Use The Core piston that is above a few post prior. Convert it to webcore, boom you’re done.

Which device handler are you using?

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